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FIBC Jumbo Bags: An Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

The FIBC jumbo bag can accommodate various types of products and is extremely easy to store and reuse.

With businesses becoming more conscious towards the environment and targeting their best to reduce the carbon footprint, the jumbo bags manufacturers in India have successfully ensured that the FIBC jumbo bag that they are producing becomes a 100 percent eco-friendly packaging solution for its customers. With the worsening effects of global warming, businesses of all kinds now demand their needs for storing, packing, and organizing the product in the most environmental friendly manner and are taking conscious efforts in making sure that they do their part in eliminating the risks associated of any sorts to the environment.

The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container or FIBC Jumbo bag is a highly durable and reusable packaging product that is used by different kinds of industries. When it comes to transporting and storing goods in bulk form, the FIBC jumbo bags are preferred by the industries. These bags are capable of carrying all kinds of products including agricultural products, chemicals, construction materials, food items, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few. Since the scope of the FIBC jumbo bag is extremely wide, many companies have started to integrate the use of these bags on a large scale.

  • FIBC jumbo bags are made of woven polypropylene material that makes them recyclable and that is why you can use them over and over again. These bags are extremely sturdy, thus, making them live a hundred years and which in turn reduces a lot of waste, hence doing only good for mother nature.

  • To store the FIBC jumbo bag, all you need to do is flatten it and fold it and they are ready to be stored just like that. You need not wrap it separately in any kind of material and you end up eliminating the usage of any harmful materials that can cause damage to the environment.

  • As mentioned already, the FIBC jumbo bag can accommodate every type of product right from pharmaceuticals to chemicals. Therefore, you do not need to look for any other option that might not be eco-friendly and economical.

Thus, if you are looking for the most efficient eco-friendly option for packaging, SB Plastech has to be on your list as it is highly rated among the top jumbo bags manufacturers in India. Not only do we use the latest tech in our production process, but our rigorous quality check and excellent pricing make it a go-to solution for all our customers. Along with FIBC jumbo bags, we are also engaged in the production of container liners, PP woven geotextiles, BOPP bags, sand bags, and many different ranges of products that you can choose from.

PS: We also offer customizations for all our products.

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