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BOPP(Biaxially Oriented Polyp-ropylene) Bags

BOPP bags are the ones with good appearance and are used for packaging pricier products like pesticides, flour, high-end chemicals etc. Sometimes, they are even used as a master packaging of smaller 1kg bags. They stand for an advanced idea of bulk packaging from 5-50 kgs that adds aesthetic and business value to a brand’s personality.

With its one of a kind design, it possesses an advantage of optimum space utilisation compared to various other kind of bags or sacks.  At SBPL, we ensure the best quality raw materials which goes into the making of these stylish and highly durable multi-coloured BOPP bags.

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Applications of BOPP Bags

These bags are used for the packaging of:


  • Food Products : Flour, Corn, Grain, Sugar, Salt, Animal Feed

  • Chemicals & Fertilizers : Carbon, Caustic Soda, Potash, Phosphates

  • Petro Chemicals: Polymers, Granules, PVC Compound, Master Batches


Features of BOPP Bags

  • Easier loading of material

  • Low electrostatic charge

  • UV stabilized

  • High gloss surface enhances marketability of the product

  • Flexible and high strength

  • Made out of food grade material

  • Printing option on gusseted portion

  • Dust and water proof

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