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We connect with our clients at an early stage in the development process to comprehend their particular needs and to create bags that match their requirements.

Manufacturing different kind of bags with regards to their shapes, styles, sizes and properties is important as every industry has specific requirements. Every bag is meant to carry a particular type of product in it, is to be handled with their respective type of cranes, lifting machines and the like and is meant to perform different functions.

Our FIBCs are carefully designed to your specifications and are in strict compliance with FIBCA standards. From four loop bags to conical ones to conductive bags, we ensure complete customized and qualitative solutions for our clients ranging from agriculture, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals etc.

It is difficult to display on one site, the range of particulars, choices and styles that are procurable for jumbo bags. Although, we show up the most widely recognized variety, there is substantially more that is known to us, however, not introduced here. Apart from these usual bags, we have dealt with a lot of special requirements of our clients. We always look forward to development of new FIBC solutions with our customers. We urge you to approach us for any special request for the bags that you can't discover on this site.


In order to ensure you get a FIBC that will meet the basic requirements of your product, additional details of the product, apart from the above mentioned varieties of FIBCs, will be required.

The buyer is expected to give the following details in the development process:

  • Product bulk density (lbs  per cubic foot or kg per cubic meter)

  • Safe working load (SWL) / Net fill weight needed per FIBC

  • Is the product a hazardous material / dangerous good?

  • Does the bag need to meet food safety requirements?

  • Does the bag need to meet pharmaceutical industry requirements?

  • Product mesh size

  • Moisture percentage

  • Special barrier needs (i e  hydroscopic)

  • Product characteristics (free flowing, bridging, static build up)

  • Filling temperature​


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