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Fibcs can be furnished with various filling patterns depending on the buyers specifications, i.e, the kind of product to be stored inside the bag , the requirements for filling the bag , the kind of machinery used and protecting the bag from outer influences. The most well known types are mentioned below.


Open top bags are without the top panel or any covering for the inside material. These bags are easy to fill and perfect for items that are inexpensive and do not need protection from the outside components.


Duffle top FIBCs have an inlet in the form of a light weight panel that is of the same width and depth as the bag itself. These tops are capable of accommodating a large variety of filling machines and processes. The top can be shut after the bag is filled to protect the material for transportation and storage. A “Duffle Top” can be added to any style FIBCs. The duffel top can be added to any structure ( four panel, circular or u-panel), provides easy access and yet guarantees integrity of the contents.


Standard spout fibcs are most common fibcs. These bags have an inlet spout attached to the top panel of the bag to fill material in the bag. The spouts can be produced to any size. These bags lessen the contamination of material during bag filling.


A flat piece of fabric sewn on one side of the top of the bulk bag. The flap can be tied on the other side to cover the material inside the bag. This kind of top is incredible for speedy and simple access to the item inside the bag.



A conical top allows excessive filling of material and is perfect for items that need time to settle.


The drawstring top, with a draw cord/ rope allows air flow but still confines the product.

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