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 At SBPPL, we thrust on maintaining utmost standards of personal and operational hygiene for all the company patrons – ground staff, managers, investors, top management and every stakeholder possible. Our pledge to safe and fresh working place ensures that our food related FIBCs are sterilized and free from impurities, germs and dust.                                                             


Quality is the most fundamental principal and goal at SBPPL. Our quality is the reason for being the preferred one in the industry at a global stage. AT SBPPL, a uniform manufacturing process control and effective quality assurance are the foundation of a quality management system. Company follows strict policies and procedures to ensure the best desired output. The efficiency of the organization is best achieved after accurate understanding, identifying and implementing a proper management of inter related processes.

Unwavering pursuit of perfection for all kinds of FIBCs and woven/fabric bags has resulted in our international business expansion in a short time. Be it food grade FIBC or dissipative jumbo bags, all our clients have been trusting us for the unmatchable quality we offer.

We believe that a sound proof quality assurance plan and management system enables the production of qualitative products and services, thereby leading to customer delight, increase in market share, improved sales and a competitive edge in the market.

Our quality assurance department is well-resourced with latest technology and machineries, following stringent quality control measures at each and every step of the production process, right from raw material procurement to manufacturing till delivery shipment. Largely, at SBPPL examination happens at three different stages as explained below: 

Raw Material Inspection

At this stage, the quality scrutiny is undertaken for the goods which are bought in and utilised as raw materials for the production process.

All LDPE/PP granules, juki yarn, document pocket, master batches, ink and all other sourced materials are examined to fulfil the required quality and standard criteria.

Process Inspection

All the fabric/woven/FIBC bags and its components under production process are studied in this area.

Extrusion Process: Denier, strength, width and elongation of tapes.

Weaving Process: Fabric width, mesh, texture, GSM, marking color code, breaking strength and elongation.

Needle Loom Process: Width, strength and weight per meter of webbing is examined.

Lamination Process: Bonding and thickness is measured.

Liner Process: Dimensions, thickness, open ability, sealing, breaking strength and elongation is reviewed.

Cutting Process: Weight per piece, cut length and width of all fabric, loops etc. is checked.

Stitching Process: Type of stitching, attachment, loop and other element fixing is undertaken.

Finishing Process: Production sample is prepared against each order and checked whether it matches customer’s specifications and brief. The final bulk production starts post sample approval only. All the bags under production processes are checked visually for broad appearance, quality and adulteration. One bag out of every 15 bags is scrutinized with respect to the dimensions of various attached parts of the bag apart from its main body as per client requirements.

Final Inspection

A certified and experienced QA officer is in-charge and responsible to take on the process of final inspection. 15% of ordered bundles are randomly inspected with minimum 15 pieces of samples per packets for dimensions of all parts, printing (if any), adulteration, packaging etc.

We ensure the entire lot of produced goods are as per the client specifications and requirements. In case of any differences or altered designs, that specified lot is kept aloof and re-worked upon. Post the defect corrections, the lot undergoes second inspection stage. The shipment is finally dispatched after all the positive results of the inspection process are declared.

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