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FIBCs(Flexible intermediatary Bulk Containers)

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), traditionally known as Jumbo Bag, Bulk Bag or Big Bag is a vessel or a bulk container primarily comprising of polypropylene. Being able to carry 1000 times its own weight, these bags are used for bulk packaging from 500 to 2000 kgs. We offer complete customization to suit various packaging needs for pharmaceuticals, foods, construction, petrochemical, chemicals and agriculture related products.

Our customized bags are certified to meet different applications as our UN FIBCs are certified to meet the requirements of hazardous goods transportation, sift proof bag for fine powders and the ones made for electrostatic reduction in order to avoid dust explosion.

FIBCs are:

handled mechanically by fork lift trucks, cranes or hoists. 

designed to be lifted from the top by means of integral, permanently attached loops. 


intended for shipment of solid material in powder, flake, or granular form.

FIBC Jumbo Bags

The dimensions, handling, filling, discharging and barrier features of a FIBC can be customized based on the needs of the buyer which is directed by the kind of product that is to be carried and the process for which these bags are required. FIBC SOLUTIONS provides an in-depth classification of Bulk bags and is a means for potential Bulk Bag consumers to identify the right kind of bag that best suits their purpose.

Customizable FIBC Jumbo Bags

Benefits and Applications of FIBCs


These FIBC bags have led to a revolution in the packaging industry with respect to various industrial products. Now majority of the industries are making use of these “FIBC Jumbo Bags” in bulk or containers when it comes to storage, handling or transportation of blistered, granular or powdery products.

  • The PP fabric used for these bags that are manufactured in different sizes is first UV treated and made insulation proof.


  • Usually having a single layer, these 4 loop FIBC bags are not just durable but also light in weight.


  • They’re ergonomically friendly, as these can be folded post discharge of products also preventing back strains to the handlers/workers. 

  • Recently, apart from dry and powdery products, these big bags are also applied in packaging the bulkier and non-flowy products like moulded plastic parts.


  • Some of the many industries which opt for FIBCs are mining, steel, plastic, food, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, resin manufacturers and other industrialists dealing in granular kind of products. 

  • FIBC bags are 100% safe and recyclable. With its integral lifting loops, we can get rid of unnecessary secondary packaging, saving a good number on transport and storage costs.

  • The FIBCs manufactured and supplied by SBPL is with 100% quality assurance and certification. Each and every step, right from raw material to finished product is under continuous scrutiny.


  • We help clients with printed FIBCs facilitating their branding on the bags which also serves as mobile advertisement, taking care of their customized needs.

  • FIBCs do not require further packaging.

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