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FIBCs can be classified on the basis of controlling static electricity. Static electricity is the result of disparity of electric charges inside or on the surface of the bulk bags generated by rubbing of  material against the fabric, during filling and discharging. Avoiding or removing an electrical charge is basic in the packaging and handling of combustible or ignitable materials or in a surrounding where there is presence of flammable dust.



These bags are produced from standard PP material. They do not have any special static protection mechanism and safety features. These are not suitable for combustible or flammable material and environment.



These bags are produced from standard PP material and are similar to TYPE A bags. The difference is that insulating fabric is used which makes these bags incapable of generating propagating  brush discharges. Yet, these bags cannot be considered anti static.



These bags are widely known as ground/ conductive FIBCs.They have conducive  threads embedded. They are designed to neutralize charges through their conducive walls. It is important for the bags to be electrically grounded while filling and emptying.



These bags are produced from antistatic fabric that has anti static or static dissipative properties. They don’t need grounding. These are suitable for packaging and handling of combustible products in flammable products.

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