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Lifting options are determined by the requirements of maneuvering these heavy bags, with a variety of choices available to suit diverse conditions.


These FIBCs have one loop in each corner and each loop has both its pieces sewn into the corner where two side panels meet. This is the most common and standard sort of loop. Corner loops are mostly attached to U-panel and four panel bags. The height of the loop depends on customer’s requirements.


Cross corner loops have one piece of the loop attached to one panel of the bag and the other piece attached to an adjacent panel of the bag. These loops are typically used on circular bags but can also be used on four panel and U panel bags. To enable larger opening of the loops, the loops are sewn to eight points in opposite corner.


1 and 2 loop FIBCs are cost effective, easy to stack and accessible in limits from 500 up to 3000 kg and in standard, UN and multiuse (filling and discharging) options. They comprise an external bag with incorporated lifting loops and are produced using single or double layer circular texture. The bags can have coated or uncoated fabric and be fitted with a liner, as per buyers prerequisites. These bags are popular for fertilizer, pellets, briquettes, cereals, recycling, chemicals, minerals, cement, salt, lime and foodstuff.


Tunnel loops are a special variety that are produced using the bag body fabric. FIBCs having tunnel loops are also called Builder bags and are simple to use by a forklift while transporting and handling.They are ideal for the Building and Construction Industries and are used for filling sand, development waste, etc.


Stevedore loops are supporting loops, intended for unique treatment of bags. Stevedore straps are basically pieces of woven pp fabric sewn together that help in interlinking the lift loops attached to the bag. These loops provide flexibility in handling the bags by making it convenient for the forklift operator to lift the bag at only one or two points. Stevedore loops are available in various options.


Chain loop extensions are closed loop extensions attached to normal lift loops. These are pieces of woven pp sewn together and can be produced in any length. These loops usually come in use when the filling and discharging equipment need a different loop length. 


Perimeter belts are additional belts around the bags that are required by certain bags. These belts are usually placed at the bottom for bags with huge capacity or having bottom loops and on the top for UN bags.

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