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SBPPL offers a complete range of PP Woven Sacks/Bags with liner. PP Woven Bags with liner are the ideal choice for the products requiring highest level of protection, especially the force flowing materials like detergent powder, foodstuff like sugar and flour and various other products.

SB Plastech is “PP bags, woven fabric, woven sacks and PP laminated bags manufacturers” using finest quality raw material, strong texture and durable in nature, these bags can be tailor-made as per the specifications and needs of the clients. The bags have an open mouth, stitched bottom and are duly non-lamination.

(Polypropylene Woven Bags)

Polypropylene woven bags

Applications of Polypropylene Bags 


These bags are used for the packaging of:

  • Chemicals, fertilizers, cement, urea, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber

  • Flour, grain, seeds, spices, pulses, dates, agro products, sugar, salt

  • Sand, metal parts, concrete elements


Features of Polypropylene Bags

  •  Flexible and high strength

  •  Cost-effective

  •  Better temperature resistant

  •  Non-scratch property

  •  Flat and anti-slip weaving

  •  Stiffer & stronger

  •  Double side print

  •  Heat/Wave Cut & hemmed top

  •  UV stability and can be stored in an open place at least for 6 months

  •  Products in the sacks/bags are safe from dust, humidity & water

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