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Polypropylene (PP) Geotextiles are woven fabrics composed of pre-stressed and non biodegradable polypropylene strands and split fibre yarn. They have a unique weave work to create a high strength fabric of a balanced and stable size. The PP fabric used is made resistant to UV rays, soil chemicals, insects and mildew. The primary purpose of the economical woven pp geotextiles include filtration, separation and reinforcement. For underwater use, these are available in woven loops and long life additives.


A geotextile is normally described as any penetrable textile material or fabric, buried in the ground, that enhances soil stability, helps in seepage or controls soil erosion. Current geotextiles are produced from synthetic polymers like polypropylene, polyester, etc. A wide assortment of geotextiles is available due to varying polymers and production processes to suit various applications.

Primary functions of woven geo textiles: 

Reinforcement of geotextile over a long time can securely reduce the civil work as well as distribute the stress on soil over a larger area.


Geotextiles used as separators increase the speed of road building projects and other construction work. They separate the civil work material.


Geotextiles play the role of a cushion in preventing soil granules to be flushed by rainwater or in planting of turf.


Geotextiles act as mesh screener/ filter when placed over a channel of suspensed particles carrying fluid. It stops the fine soil granules from being carried away by the fluids.


The additional breadth and high strength woven geotextile is generally used in delicate foundation change, soil and gravel course separation, water discharge and drainage avoidance to successfully avoid surfacing of soil and sinking of bed course.

Product specifications:


G/m2 range:120g/m2~600g/m2

Fabric breadth:4m~8m

High-strength (80KN~160KN)

pp woven fabrics
pp woven fabric manufacturer


  • High modulus fabrics, high tensile strength at low elongation

  • Separation, filtration and reinforcement in one product to install

  • Can be prefabricated to exact dimensions

  • Excellent chemical resistance, even in alkaline soils

  • Cost effective

  • long lasting performance and maintenance

  • Quick & easy installation

  • A complete tailormade offer either for building new infrastructure or to maintain this network while increasing the lifetime of the structure.

  • High hydraulic and drainage properties

  • Excellent water flow properties for other applications

  • Proven and highly predictable performance

  • Immediate strength in buried applications


  Applications of PP WOVEN GEOTEXTILES:


  • Energy-power generation-renewables-wind

  • Industrial building

  • highway and roads

  • water infrastructure

  • residential building

  • Transportation infrastructure

  • Commercial buildings

  • Energy-oil and gas

  • Energy-power generation-renewables-solar

  • Energy-power generation-fossil fuels

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