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Liners shield the items from dampness, and defilement and guarantee protected and clean transportation, processing and storage. Several businesses consider the utilization of liners as a major aspect of their standard transportation strategy.” Liners" embedded into containers create a wall between the product and the container which is extra protection to the material inside the bag. Also, a liner promotes efficiency in handling bulk goods. We are “container liner manufacturers based in India”. We provide Container liners that are customized as per our buyer’s needs. Liners differ based on the following factors: form-fitted bottoms, open or custom tops, anti-static qualities, chemical resistance, oxygen and moisture barriers, FDA-approved material, strength, etc.


Best Quality content Liners

Applications of Container Liners

Used for chemicals, minerals, agricultural and food products, petrochemicals, etc.

Features of Content Liners

  • Can be used for 20-40 ft containers.

  • Available with or without coating.

  • Customizable

  • Easy to put up

  • Better handling of bulk material

  • Variety of filling and discharge options available 

  • Cost-efficient

  • Disposal of liners is clean, easy and safe

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