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A Guide to Jumbo Bag Types and their Uses

Every type of FIBC jumbo bag is manufactured by keeping in mind the different kinds of products it could store and transport.

For every businessman, it is crucial to know all the aspects of how the entire commercial sector works. There is no doubt that you already are aware of all the whereabouts, but with the constantly evolving shipping and packaging industry, it gets a bit difficult to stay up-to-date with various innovations that take place every day. Similarly, when it comes to the FIBC jumbo bag, then jumbo bags manufacturers in India have ensured to be versatile and have come up with many different varieties of FIBC jumbo bag types so that the customers can choose the exact product that suits their packaging and storing needs.

Every FIBC jumbo bag has different characteristics including moisture access, electric discharge, and explosive behavior to name a few. That is why, if the environment is volatile, extra precautions need to be taken while discharging or filling in the product. Every FIBC jumbo bag is manufactured within the given regulations and protocols so that all the mishaps can be avoided while handling.

Types of FIBC Jumbo Bags

#1 Regular FIBC (Jumbo Bag Type A)

One of the most popular types of FIBC jumbo bag is the standard or regular FIBC which has a load capacity of about 500 to 2000 kgs. If you require packaging and storing dry goods including chemicals, construction materials, and agricultural produce, these bags have the perfect dimensions for that. Once decided, you can also customize any of the FIBC jumbo bags as per your requirement.

#2 Anti-Static Bag (Jumbo Bag Type B)

With the anti-static bag, the only variation you will find as compared to Type A is that the material of the fabric has a lower disruption voltage. And that is why this kind of FIBC jumbo bag is highly recommended for combustible and dry products by the jumbo bags manufacturers in India.

#3 Conductive Bag (Jumbo Bag Type C)

The name says conductive bags but they are made from using non-conductive polypropylene fabrics which are interwoven with conductive threads and are then connected to a foundation or a bade while the process of discharging or filling. These types of bags are recommended for transporting and storing flammable products and are also a great and safe option to protect them from any dust, solvents, or harmful gases.

And with the world moving towards opting for various eco-friendly ways, even the shipping industry is finding its way to do its share towards mother nature. The World Shipping Council (WSC) has claimed to adopt certain ways to accelerate the development of the technology to reduce the carbon footprint in the shipping industry to zero.

At SB Plastech, our trained engineers, technicians, and professionals are working continuously towards fulfilling all the demands associated with the FIBC jumbo bags for its customers but also takes all the measures to manufacture a recyclable and eco-friendly product.

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