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Features and Applications of HDPE Sacks

Updated: May 18, 2022

There are diverse designs when it comes to HDPE sacks and the manufacturer will ensure to ask for your product specifications.

hdpe sacks

Ever wondered what a superior packaging material looks like? Well, it is the HDPE sack that is manufactured by the top-notch jumbo bags manufacturers in India. In the past few years, the HDPE woven sacks have gained enormous popularity because of their durability and strength and have made it an easy option for many businessmen for storing, packaging, and transporting different kinds of products.

HDPE means High-Density Polyethylene and is also known as foam bags or HD bags. The HDPE sacks are made from high-density PE plastic and that is why considered one of the strongest packaging sacks out of all. The HDPE market which was 54.7 million tons in 2021 is predicted to reach 78.0 million tons by 2028 with India and China dominating the global market.

Since these HDPE sacks are extremely light in weight, they are highly preferred over the conventional bags because these sacks are laminated with the PP/LDPR liner and hence giving numerous applications to the user. HDPE sacks can bear a lot of weight as compared to any kind of packaging product such as jute and are used to store and transport sugar, fertilizer, chemicals, cattle feed, cement, and other types of industrial production. Other items such as starch, oilseeds, detergents, salt, and pesticides can also be packed in HDPE woven sacks.

HDPE Sacks: Features by Jumbo Bags Manufacturers in India

  • Highly resistant to chemicals and is lightweight

  • Non-toxic and safe to use

  • Production cost is low

  • Protection from dust and moisture

  • Different color options and customizations are available

  • The hardness of the HDPE sacks is way better than other kinds of plastic bags

  • The surface feels smooth

  • Highly water-resistant

  • Flexibility is medium to high

  • The surface of the HDPE sacks is transparent and glossy

HDPE Sacks: Application by Jumbo Bags Manufacturers in India

The HDPE sacks are used vastly in many types of industries and are majorly used as plastic resins, to store chemicals, rubber, granules, milk powder, medical equipment, biogas, garments, and many more. Apart from that, the HDPE sacks are also used in the construction of roads, ports, buildings, mines, railways, and much more. Not just that, the PP sacks are also used as a daily necessity commodity as logistics bags, shopping bags in stores, warehouses, or supermarkets.

SB Plastech not only thrives to manufacture the best HDPE sacks for its customers, but we also ensure to study the market from time to time and incorporate all the changing scenarios and demands of our customers. We believe in embracing every opportunity that comes our way and for HDPE woven sacks we always ask our customers about their requirements, specifications, and needs for their product and then create a product that suits their transporting and storing needs.

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