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How FIBC Jumbo Bags Can be Best for Wet Products

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

FIBC jumbo bags are made with an intention of transporting the goods in every kind of environment.

There are many kinds of products that are transported on an everyday basis from one town to another, from one city to another, and from one country to another. And especially when it comes to wet products, a business owner always wants to take extra precautions to ensure that the product does not suffer any kind of damage and reaches the final destination in perfect condition. That is why FIBC jumbo bags are highly preferred today to tackle all the challenges that are faced while transporting wet products from one place to another.

Before we move ahead on how the FIBC jumbo bag can be useful for your wet products, here are a few challenges that are commonly faced.

  • Wet products are no doubt on the heavier side; thus, it makes them difficult to move and store.

  • It might happen that if the product is too wet, it can lead to seepage through the packaging in which it is stored.

  • Another possibility that is always associated with wet products is the clogging while they are being removed from the packaging. And if that happens, it gets messy and takes up all the time in the world.

Since there are challenges, there are good quality solutions to it as well. As the jumbo bags manufacturers in India say, FIBCs can solve all your issues, you can stop worrying about it. Also, there are certain ways to use an FIBC jumbo bag while you are storing and transporting the wet products that make the FIBC jumbo bags the best option.

Incorporating liner inside the FIBC jumbo bag

To avoid any kind of liquid seepage of your product, the jumbo bags manufacturers in India always suggest adding a polyethylene liner inside of the FIBC jumbo bag. Adding the liner can completely negate the possibility of any seepage throughout the journey and your product remains intact without any damage.

The product will not go bad

When it comes to wet products, there are high chances that they can catch mold or rot during the entire shipping and transporting process. Unless you are using FIBC jumbo bags, you cannot be certain about avoiding this situation. FIBC jumbo bags are not only huge so that you can store larger quantities, but they are also ventilated so that the product does not catch any moisture.

Easy discharge of products

Wet products are sticky and that is why they are hard to be discharged and get inconvenient. Thus, to avoid all of the sticky situations and save time, it is recommended to use FIBCs as they come with full-bottom discharge and prevent clogging and speed up the entire process.

With SB Plastech, one of the best jumbo bags manufacturers in India, you get customized solutions for all your shipping and packaging needs to be tailored just for your product. Be it packing any agricultural product or food products, you are getting a bag that can carry everything safely without any damage till the end.

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