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Make Your Business Efficient with FIBC Bulk Bags

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

FIBC Bulk Bags makes it easy to store and transport all kinds of products and save up a lot of warehouse space as well.

The FIBC bulk bags have taken over the packaging industry since the time it was introduced in the 1940s. And from that, the industry has only seen tremendous growth because of the quality of the product. Be it the agricultural sector, food industry, flammable products, wet products, these FIBC Bulk bags are a perfect solution to everything. Therefore, if you own any kind of business, you need to worry about the packaging part because we got you covered.

What exactly is FIBC Bulk Bags?

The industrial containers popularly known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container or FIBC Bulk Bags are manufactured with a flexible fabric that is specifically designed for storing flowable and dry materials or products. These FIBC Bulk Bags can efficiently carry a weight that is more than 1000 times of its own. This means that while using FIBC Bulk Bags, you can pack around 500 to 2000 kgs of your product. And the best part about these bags is that they can be customized as per your packaging needs for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural produce, construction, to name a few. The walls of the bags are so flexible that any kind of dry bulk solids can be safely stored and transported.


Being an entrepreneur, you always look for ways to save up those extra bucks so that they can be used for a better purpose. That is why, if you are looking for a better packaging and storing solution, FIBC bulk bags are going to be your answer. Not only FIBC bulk bags can be found in various varieties and sizes but can also hold a lot of weight as mentioned above whilst keeping your product safe. Apart from that these FIBC bulk bags can be used multiple times which means that you will end up saving some real good money. On the other hand, investing in a large metal or plastic containers can be costly as they need to be maintained and used with extreme caution.

Optimized transport and handling

When you use the FIBC bulk bags, they can carry a tremendous amount of weight when it comes to storing and transporting the product. And that is what makes them easy to handle as well. These FIBC bulk bags come with integral lifting loops so that the secondary packaging can be eliminated. This means that no need to deploy any kind of loading unit or pallets.

Save up your warehouse space

For the majority of businesses, warehouse space is quite a big challenge. And when it comes to storing full and empty containers, it becomes a next-level issue especially if the containers are rigid and large. That is why, when you invest in FIBC bulk bags, you not only can store the filled bags systematically but also the empty bags have compact packaging and very minimum space is required to store these thousands of FIBC bulk bags, as a result, your lot of warehouse space is saved.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best packaging solution in the industry, SB Plastech has the best quality FIBC Bulk Bags to offer. The bags are certified to meet different applications and also offer printed FIBC bulk bags so that your packaging looks customized, and your brand gets advertised all over.

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