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PP Woven Bags: The Science Behind the Finest Quality Material

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

PP woven bags are cost-effective and are highly preferred to store various kinds of agricultural produce.

As the packaging industry is cruising towards various kinds of advancements, the PP bags manufacturers India have climbed the ladder in the race by acing challenges of the basic packaging. PP aka polypropylene woven bags have tremendously emerged popular as they are highly preferred to use for the basic packaging materials, especially for the agricultural industry. PP is a thermoplastic resin that is produced by propylene polymerization. The method used to from PP woven fabric is by knitting or weaving by machine by gathering plenty of polypropylene from the weft and warp. And then the PP woven bag is curated by cutting a tube of PP woven fabric into a certain length as required and then sewed together from one side and kept open on the other.

The PP woven fabric manufacturer also calls it poly bags or PP bags and they are used for many purposes including storing agricultural produce, seeds, corn, pecans, feed, bird seeds, to name a few. Since these bags are made from polypropylene, which is nothing but a kind of plastic, it makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

When are PP Woven Bags used?

PP woven bags are preferred highly by the food industry for packing and storing various food products such as flour, rice, maize, and many other kinds of dry ones.

Another amazing use of PP woven bags is seen for privacy screens as they can be used for creating sunshades, fences, temporary tents, screens, and bags.

As mentioned already, the PP woven sacks manufacturers have made sure that these bags are always a go-to option for agricultural product packaging. The reason why these bags are preferred in this sector is that they can transport and store all kinds of agricultural products including fruits, vegetables, chemicals, and fertilizers.

What makes PP woven bags unique?

The reason why these bags are preferred all over the packaging industry is that when the polypropylene threads are woven in two directions that is warp and weft, they together create a lightweight but at the same time heavy duty and strong material. And along with it the PP woven bags are non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and are easy to clean. To understand the properties of PP woven bags in super simple words, you must know that these bags are reusable, the contents can happily breathe inside the bag, the product is always safe from water, dust, and humidity. And the best part is that these bags can be printed from one side or from both sides, whichever is preferable by the customer.

Thus, if you are looking for the best quality PP woven bags, your head must turn to SB Plastech which is one of the top PP bags manufacturers India and promise to deliver the highest quality to its customers. With SB Plastech, your products are going to be in the highest level of protection from start to end ensuring that you never have to worry about storing and transporting processes.

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